Biorend Jardin

BIOREND GARDEN is a Bio protector that activates the plant defense mechanisms through the utilization of this Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) molecule formulation.

Biorend is a natural organic, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting product, the active ingredient of which is a natural polymer derived from the Chitin, called Chitosan extracted from the King Crac and Snow Crab shells from Chile’s XII Region.

Effects on plants are: germination improvement, greater vegetal growth, bigger flowering with best colour and caliber, intense green colour, more capacity to absorv water and nutrients, generates antibodies against diseases and plagues of the environment, better defense conditions against fungus, nematodes and insects. Reduces dehidratation and stress post transplantation

Biostimulant – Fungistátic – Nematostatic

Stimulation on the production of roots through the Systemic acquired resistance mechanism. Fortification of the plant cellular walls, greater vigor and lignification’s grade of plants, Enzyme production, fitoalexins, radical oxidants and other compounds that induce defense response against fungus attack such us Fusarium, Phytophthora, Verticilium, Rizoctonia, Botrytis, Oidium, etc. and increases the chitinolitic microorganism, antagonists of phytoparasits nematodes.