BIOAGRO S.A Chilean Biotechnology Company, was created in 1989, and has been dedicated for the last 20 years to the research and development of a Family of Biological Phytosanitary products for Agriculture, referred to as BIOREND.


BIOAGRO S.A., Chilean Biotechnology Company, was created in 1989, and has been dedicated for the last 20 years to the research and development of a Family of Biological Phytosanitary products for Agriculture, referred to as BIOREND.

BIOAGRO S.A. has protected its copyrights under Invention Patents and Trademarks, both in Chile and abroad. Furthermore, Bioagro equally has numerous phytosanitary Registrations and Certifications for use thereof in Organic Agriculture.

BIOREND is an organic bio-degradable, non-toxic and non-contaminant product, the active ingredient of which is a natural polymer derived from Chitin, called Chitosan, which is extracted from King Crab and Spider crab shells, unique crabs in the Southern Ocean, which are subject to artisan fishing in the waters of the Magellan Straight, XII Region of Chile.

BIOREND products work through the concept of activation of plant defense mechanisms, based on its active ingredient Chitosan as a SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) molecule formulation.

The active ingredient is Chitosan and not Chitin because the latter is not water soluble.

BIOREND Immunological concept is that chitin is a molecule constituent of more than 99% of the cell walls of fungi and insects that attack plants. So, when the product contacts plant tissues, it believes to be in presence of one of these parasitic organisms and activates its natural defense mechanisms. Is the active ingredient that alerts the plant tissues against a broad spectrum of possible plant´s pest and disease attacks. The effect is to «Make believe the plant» is going to be attacked by pests and or diseases, but without suffering a real plant stress neither phytotoxic damage.

BIOREND is a widely used product in intensive and extensive agriculture, Fruit Trees, Vineyards, Berries, Vegetables, Forestry, Seed treatment, etc., both in Chile and abroad, through applications to the roots and foliar spraying.

BIOREND is a liquid formulation and it can be applied either through drip irrigation systems or through foliar spraying systems. Also is used for Root Deeping before transplant and as seed treatment.


BIOREND has been our company’s icon product for over 15 years, which is a SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) Immunostimulant molecule formulation, used in various forms and for different purposes: such as direct plant stimulation for the emission of roots and rootlets, as a protector against airborne diseases by foliar application, and as substrate for biological control organisms such as Trichoderms, Entomopathogenic fungus (Beauveria Bassiana, Metarhizium) etc. In this case acts as a biological stimulator enhancing beneficial chitinolytic wildlife organism in soil. Additionally there is a very important synergistic effect when BIOREND is combined with other elicitors such as phosphites.
This product is approved for use in Organic Agriculture production.

Biorend Advantages

It promotes growth of a greater amount of fine rootlets, and depending on the time of application it might have different objectives or purposes. When applied in spring BIOREND helps building better and strongest tissues (membranes, cell walls, etc.), and raise the internal contents of Cytokinins (CK), which is necessary for better quality and condition of the fruits in general. When applied after harvest improves better nutritional storage ahead of next season.

BIOREND COPPER is a combination of Pentahydrated Copper Sulphate and Chitosan in order to strengthen the individual effects of each one of them for the prevention of diseases caused by fungi and bacteria in fruit trees, vineyards and vegetables When you combine Pentahydrated Copper with Chitosan, Copper systemic efficiency gets improved, caused by chitosan that activates and accelerates plant metabolism. Besides this effect, also plant tissue has SAR stimuli induced by chitosan. . This product is also approved for use in Organic Agriculture production.

Biorend Copper Advantages

An excellent complement to fruit diseases such as acid rot, botrytis, bacterial, etc. It is a source of copper sulfate pentahydrate high efficiency, chelated with organic carboxylic acids that give you a very good translaminar sistemi. The great contribution of this Pentahydrate is that it incorporates in its formulation chitosan.

FOSFIREND is a Foliar Fertilizer which combines potassium phosphite with Chitosan, specially designed for Foliar application, capable of causing rapid systemic stimulation of important metabolic processes in plants, and has been proven to be an excellent tool to prevent and coexist with wood diseases that affect fruit trees, vineyards, berries, vegetables, etc.
This is a product that combines two active ingredients that accelerate the secondary metabolism of plants. It is described that chitin and/or chitosan regulates activity of the enzyme Phenyl alanin ammonia lyase (PAL). This enzyme modulates shikimic acid pathway, and this pathway is responsible of the synthesis of more than the 80% of the secondary metabolites of plants. In between some of the plant secondary metabolites we have: Fitohormones (IAA, GA3, Ck, ABA), Brassinoesteroids, Cellular Membranes, Poliphenols, Flavonoids, etc.

Fosfirend Advantages

In Summary, using Fosfirend with an agronomic criteria management, it can contribute in the invigoration of a plant, in combating wood diseases(Through SAR mechanism) and it might improve quality and fruit condition, by relieving certain key physiological processes of plants against stress situations (eg, flowering and fruit set) and also strengthen tissues, cell walls, membranes walls, cuticles, etc..

BIOREND COMO is a foliar fertilizer containing Molybdenum (Mo), Cobalt (Co), and Chitosan, designed for seed treatment and foliar application which bio-stimulates the emission of leaves and shoots through the SAR mechanism (Systemic Acquired Resistance), enabling the plant to increase its Foliar Area Index (FAI), improving its carbon assimilation capabilities (CO2), and thus, its photosynthetic capabilities. Equally, Biorend COMO corrects nutritional deficiencies of micro-nutrients such as Cobalt and Molybdenum. Both elements are essential micro-nutrients, that is, a deficiency of any of them may cause production problems, in the same manner as a deficiency of any macro-nutrient. Molybdenum is an enzymatic co-factor required for a good an efficient performance of the nitrate-reductase enzyme, highly relevant in the metabolism of nitrogen in the plant at all times, but especially important in low temperature conditions. As Molybdenum, Cobalt equally is an enzymatic co-factor that is highly significant to leguminous for the formation of rhizobium nodules, and therefore, for the symbiotic fixation of nitrogen.

Biorend CoMo

The incorporation of chitosan allows an excellent performance of cobalt and molybdenum, in order to achieve a correct and efficient metabolism of nitrogen. Special product for legumes, which also has a positive effect from the point of view of the symbiosis that occurs with soil rhizobia, which are favored, especially with the contribution of Cobalt


FOSFIREND Zn Is a product that basically combines three active ingredients: Chitosan/chitin, Phosphite and the essential micronutrient Zn, indirect precursor of the phytohormone indole acetic acid (IAA or auxin). The first two active ingredients are secondary metabolism elicitors, through the regulation of PAL (Phenyl alanine ammonia lyase) and therefore, activators of the immune system of plants through the SAR mechanism. On the other hand Zinc as an Essential nutritional element, can supply and or correct any deficiencies that the plant tissue might have. The idea in combining Zn with the two S.A.R. elicitors is to facilitate Zn entrance to the tissue an plant cells. The addition of the phosphite ion and chitosan helps to maintain a stable cellular metabolic activity. In other words, will allow the tissue to perform their metabolic activities in a stable manner, which will work at an efficient entry of zinc and thus maintain an adequate level of precursors of AIA, responsible of vegetative and root growth.

Fosfirend Zn Advantages

Plays a similar role to Fosfirend, but incorporates into the formulation a high efficiency Zinc in order to contribute more to an optimal vegetative development and fruit of the plant. Especially for weak and / or stressed orchards.

FOSFOREND, Is a basically a product that combines two active ingredients: Chitosan and Phosphorous acid. Both active ingredients are elicitors of secondary metabolism, through PAL (phenylalanine ammonia lyase) modulation, and therefore activators of Plant Immunological System (S.A.R. mechanism). The idea of combining chitosan with Phosphorous Acid is to stabilize the latter avoiding the use of a Salt as Potassium Hydroxide. The purpose of doing this is to have a product with high phosphite and chitosan concentration in order to induce a very powerful signaling towards activating S.A.R. mechanism that among other things allows you to produce high levels of phytoalexins. Excellent source of phosphorus and very good supplement to prevent fungus attack to the root system.

Fosforend Advantages
Improves root system, allowing a promoting effect on root growth and root system sanitization. Improving the sustainability of the fruit tree orchard, quality and condition of fruit. Adds a lot of phosphites safely, which gives a very good complement to treatments for fungal diseases, especially of the genus Oomycetes (Phytophthora and Pythium, etc.).