Research & Development

Bioagro counts with a Research and Development Department and a nematology Laboratory with the purpose of carrying Investigation and effectiveness tests to endorse recommendations that are given to the fruit and vegetable producers.

This Department is directed by the Agronomist Patricia Flores titled in the school of Agronomy of the University of Chile and attending a Magíster in this same University Fruit health Production. During the season 2007-2008 this Department has carried out more than 40 tests in Vegetables, Vineyards, Table Grapes, Citruses, Apple trees, Berries, etc. evaluating root applications and foliage applications using Biorend, Dazitol and Biorend R(Biorend plus entomopathogenic nematodes).

It is important to mention that one of most interesting conclusions of the last season was the confirmation of BIOREND as a very useful tool for the coexistence of fruit trees affected by wood Fungi. A very important amount of hectares in Chile are affected by this type of fungi diseases(Apple trees, Cobs, Grapevines), and the tests have demonstrated that Biorend applications combined directed to the roots and the foliage allow to invigorate the tree, to coexist with the disease and to obtain Fruit of good quality for exports. On the other hand Bioagro is participating in several Investigation Projects for the development of new products oriented to a sustainable agriculture, friendly with environment and human health.