Seed Treatment

BIOREND development begins in Chile in 1987 with the aim of bringing the national Agriculture compound suitable for use in Organic Agriculture, biodegradable and environmentally friendly to be used as a seed treatment applied in order to increase performance and other parameters of some cultivars such as wheat, corn and soybeans by means of activating the immune system of plants in them producing effects such as promoting root development, stimulate photosynthesis, improve germination and emergence, lead defense against attack mushrooms, etc..
HOW DOES IT WORK? Applied to seeds, Biorend brings about important metabolic changes that benefit the seed’s germination capacity and its ability to defend itself against attack from fungi and diseases during crop establishment. The chitosan, active ingredient of Biorend is a potent elicitor of SAR, and through this mechanism, certain genes are activated, thus transcribing proteins and substances of plant defense system, like phytoalexins, quitinases, suberine, lignine, etc. Anti-stress proteins and endogenous growth hormones are also synthesized.
You must be careful in the misture process to cover the seed throroughly and that at the end it must be dry.